Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Prescription Diets

Hello All!
Is everyone else as depressed with the time change as I am?! Gosh, I feel like the day is so short now… I’m not able to get in as many snuggles as I want and I’m tired at 4:00! Not to mention, this means winter is near! Well, what can we do…

Any ways, I wanted to fill you in on some new information regarding your pet’s food. I know some pets are on specific diets for health reasons and that is where we come in! SAH carries Royal Canin Veterinary Diets as well as Young Again Cat Food (which is what I eat, so it’s the best). So, we do keep a small amount of these diets in stock 24/7 however, we do run out at times, sorry guys! So we are asking you to work with us and help us out a little. We want to be sure all fur babies are covered an get the diet they need… to help us do that we are asking that folks let us know a week in advance if they are running low and need to purchase another bag. This way we can be sure we have the specific diet in stock, if we don’t we will have ample time to place an order! A win-win for both parties!
Another swell option is to order online. If you go to our website, sunderlandvet.com and click the ‘shop online’ icon, that will direct you to our online pharmacy. You will be able to search for your pet’s specific diet and purchase then and there! If it requires a script from us, don’t fret, the girls will be notified and will authorize it for you! Talk about easy peasy! To sweeten the deal, you can even get discounts like free shipping. They also offer auto shipping where you can schedule when the food will be delivered to your door step! If you are a Young Again customer they have a website as well, youngagainpetfood.com. Here you can do the same thing. Order online, receive free shipping and auto ship!
Whelp, there you have it! Some purrfect options to get ahold of your fur baby’s food. Feel free to call my girls at the office if you need any assistance or have some questions. Enjoy all the savings and the convenience!

Until Next Time
     -Murphy Cat

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