Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Product Alert #1

Yahoo! I love when we get new goods in the office. Unfortunately, this one goes to the dogs only. Sorry kitties! But let’s be honest, they need more help than us felines do any ways. Any who, new product… Drum roll please... OraVet Dental Chews! That’s right, a great new product to help keep those pearly whites clean and healthy. What do they do exactly?
  • Clean Teeth
  • Protect Teeth
  • Freshen Breath
Now what makes them different…? OraVet Chews are the first and only dental hygiene product that contains an ingredient called delmopinol. Delmopinol helps to create a barrier on the teeth to prevent further plaque buildup. All your dog has to do is CHEW! So easy even they can manage! The chewing action softens and loosens plaque which in turn helps the plaque break away from the teeth. Then the delmopinol kicks in and creates that barrier! Super delmopinol to the rescue! Now that there is protection and plaque is being removed, your dog’s breath will be wonderful! (Ok, I don’t know how wonderful a dog’s breath can be but, I’ll take their word for it!)
 So there you have it. OraVet Dental Chews. A yummy, daily chew to help support a healthy mouth! Three sizes are offered, small, medium and large. We carry a 14 day supply and a 30 day supply at the office. Feel free to swing by and grab a box!

Until Next Time
        -Murphy Cat

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Schedule Changes

Hello Again!
                Sorry I did not post last week, I was enjoying my spring break! Anyways, this week I thought I’d fill all of my readers (the billion that you are!) in on some changes that have been happening at SAH. Good changes of course! Some of you may have already noticed a few different details…
                First, we have revamped our schedule! We realize that morning appointments can be most convenient for many of our clients so we wanted to cater to that! Our goal is to make visits to SAH as simple and stress free as possible. So, Dr. Ellis now has morning appointments available on Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 9:20am-11:40am. Yup, three full mornings available for the early birds out there! Please be quite when in the clinic, I will still be sleeping! But wait! It gets better… We now have Dr. Julia Bentley in Every Thursday from 9:20am-6:20pm. Yes, that’s correct she will be here ALL day long! Now we have FOUR mornings available! Dr. Bentley has been working with SAH since October 2014 and is a great addition to our SAH family! You may have met her at some point on a Saturday morning or Thursday evening filling in for Dr. Ellis. I’m ecstatic because that means another girlfriend to give me treats and love! Man do I have the life! Alright, enough bragging… for now… back to the schedule.
                Along with adding more morning hours, our surgery days have changed. Dr. Ellis will now perform surgeries on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. This is a great change. Patients can now be monitored by the technicians all day since we close at 7:00pm each day. This way we can ensure each pet is recovering properly and is 100% ready to go home.
                Now don’t forget, you can schedule appointments ONLINE! Wicked easy and convenient even I could do it! Like I said, we try to make your life easier.  All you have to do is go to our website, click “schedule appointment” and follow the steps. You can narrow down your search for available appointments by day and time. And get this, if you are a current client, all of your information along with your pets information will already be entered! You can print health certificates, rabies certificate and vaccine certificates! Pretty neat! Of course, we still love hearing your voice on the other end of the phone line but, we can talk with you at the office! I’ll make sure I’m there for some butt rubs! 

See you soon!
                 -Murphy Cat

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Seresto Collar

Man oh man am I loving this warm weather! The sun has been shining through my window keeping me nice and warm! But, you know what else comes with warm weather?!... Fleas and Ticks! Yuck! Way to rain on my parade nasty critters! Have any of you ever had fleas? Or find a large engorged tick on you!? Thankfully, I have not! Wanna know how I do it? One word… SERESTO! Yup, that’s all you need.  This amazing collar helps prevent and kill those nasty bugs!
                Here is how it works…
First… this is a safe product for your pet… and you! Kids can touch too.
*  Collar is worn 24/7 (not a big deal, you don’t even realize it’s on)
Contains two active ingredients
o   Imidacioprid- Controls Fleas
o   Flumethrin- Repels and Kills Ticks
*  Designed to slowly and continuously release the active ingredients in low concentrations to ensure complete coverage over the 8 month life span of the collar (just think, you won’t have to worry every month about remembering to apply any topical treatments!)
*  Non-greasy (thank goodness, I need to keep my coat looking sharp!)
*  No odor
*  Water resistant
*  Three collar sizes offered to be sure cats and dogs of all weight ranges are covered!
*  To make the deal even sweeter… for dogs seresto also aids in treatment and control of sarcoptic mange and kills lice. (I’m sorry, but dogs are just icky! Not as clean and fabulous as us feline beauties!)
*  Has a two-way release mechanism so your fur baby can sneak out of a tight spot if needed (no getting trapped by the collar. Phew!)

Now doesn’t that just sound purfect! It’s a no brainer… you have to get one of the Seresto Collars for your fur baby! You can find these at the office and there is even a $15 mail-in rebate going on until November! So hurry in before the fleas and ticks invade your home and drive you and your pet crazy! I’m off to supervise the activity in reception… and take another nap!
Until next time!
     -Murphy Cat

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Heartworm Preventative

Alright folks! I’m going to keep this weeks blog short and sweet! I have too much lounging around to do! Since New England decided to jump right into warmer spring like weather, I thought I would start sharing information on heartworm, flea and tick prevention. This week I’ll discuss Interceptor Plus.
                Interceptor Plus is a monthly heartworm preventative for your dog that also includes broad spectrum parasite protection! Talk about all in one prevention! To sweeten the deal even more… it comes in a yummy chicken flavored chewable tablet. All you humans have to do is remember to give this to your furry friend once Every month. So what exactly does this protect your fur kid from?
*        Heartworm
*        Hookworm
*        Roundworm
*        Whipworm
*        Tapeworm
You’re probably thinking, my dog will never get any of those worms… we stay at home… we don’t see many other dogs… my dog never gets into anything… Well! Let me tell you, it is easier than you may think.
                For example, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms are transmitted by ingesting infected soil, water and/or fecal matter. So, if an animal that has one of these parasites defecates in an area you take your pet (near water, open field, woods etc.) your dog is at risk. I bet some of your dogs also find poop to be quite appetizing… Yup, big trouble! That yummy poopsicle your dog got ahold of could mean WORMS!! Disgusting! Tapeworms hang out with small rodents, birds and fleas and nasty heartworms hang out with mosquitoes. Needless to say, there are several factors in everyday living that increase your dogs’ risk.
                Just think… one monthly chew can help protect your dog from getting any of these nasty worms! I think that is totally worth it! Stop by the clinic to stock up and keep your pet protected year round! My girls and our doctors are here if you have any questions.

           Sleep is calling my name, time to go! Chat next week!
                               -Murphy Cat