Thursday, April 28, 2016

Anxiety Survey

Hello! I’m back at it!

                Sorry for the missed blog last week. This weather has just been too nice so I have been keeping myself busy… Well, truthfully, I’ve been napping in the sun on my window perch! Any who, I thought I would fill you guys in on a new thing the girls are trying at the office.

                Does you fur baby get nervous when coming to SAH? Or perhaps just going for car rides? Do they have a special toy that comforts them? These questions are just a few samples of what you will be seeing on our Pet Anxiety Surveys! We know that going to the vet is at the bottom of your pets’ fun things to do list, but the girls and the doctors here at SAH want to make their visits as fun and stress free as possible! That is why they have put together the Pet Anxiety Survey. Don’t worry, it is only 9 questions and wicked easy to fill out. Questions range from simple yes and no answers to open ended answers where we want some of your input. 

                So how will this benefit you and your pet? Well, once they get the information from the surveys, these notes will be added to your pets’ medical record. So important tips such as, my dog doesn’t like to have his ears touched, or my cat gets very nervous when….will be available to the technicians and doctors at all times! The girls even have it set up so these notes are in a bright red color so they can’t be missed! Pretty clever, right?! The survey itself will also be attached to each pets’ medical record so we can refer to it at any point.

                Take it from me, the girls and doctors at SAH are great, and there is no reason for your fur baby to be scared but, we understand that sometimes there is no way around the anxiety. This is one way we are trying to understand your pet better and provide the best care and environment possible!

Until next time,
      -Murphy Cat

Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Product Alert #2

 This one is for both cats and dogs! Finally, someone includes the felines. Has your fur baby ever had an acute on set of diarrhea? Does your fur baby get diarrhea when stressed? Yeah, it’s an ugly, gross topic but, it has to be discussed! If you answered yes to the above questions, then we have the product for you! Well, I mean for your pet… Endurosyn Oral Gel. This fabulous gel is a great supportive friend to the GI tract. Now did you know… your pet’s GI system contains a healthy balance of microorganisms that assist in the absorption of needed nutrients to maintain a healthy immune response? If this environment gets knocked off balance, good microorganisms can diminish allowing sneaky bad bacteria to jump in and overwhelm the GI tract. No good!
This response can be triggered by several things such as;
  • New antibiotics
  • NSAID (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory)
  • Dietary changes
  • Stress from kenneling, travel or just stress in general.
 Man do I feel bad for the GI tract! For some pets it doesn’t take much to throw things off. Me, eh, nothing rattles me! But, for those sensitive kids, Endurosyn is a great three day treatment option for some extra and much needed support.

 Endurosyn contains a blend of prebiotics and probiotics. The Prebiotic is in charge of the nourishment and helps stimulate growth and activity of the good bacteria in the GI tract. The Probiotic provides enzymes to help assist with digestion. Endurosyn also supports electrolytes to help with hydration and is composed of high quality ingredients specially formulated for pets.

 Sounds pretty good to me! So, if your fur baby’s GI system needs a helping paw, feel free to contact the office and ask about Endurosyn! We also have some great handouts with extra information if you are interested. Learning about the medications you give your fur babies is a very important part of pet parenting!

Until next time
    -Murphy Cat