Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Stress Free Visit

                Happy March! Is this weather confusing everyone or is it just me?! I don’t know if I should stay sleeping or run around like a crazy cat with spring fever! Who am I kidding, I will probably just sleep! Ha! Well, I wanted to fill you guys in on some new little improvements we have added to pet visits. Our goal is to make visits with us as stress free as possible and we are hoping these new arrangements will help!

                First, the kitties! We know that even just getting them in the carrier is a major stressor so they arrive at the clinic already worked up. To try and ease some of this anxiety we are now offering a towel to cover the carrier that is sprayed with Feliway. Feliway is a pheromone that mimics a cat’s natural facial pheromone. This then helps them feel safe and secure. Once you arrive at SAH, a staff member will offer your kitty a towel to place over the carrier. Now, while your kitty is safe and comfortable in their carrier, they inhale the pheromone spray and begin to relax. This towel will then stay with you and your kitty during your entire visit. It will be used on the exam table for the exam with the doctor and again once back in the carrier and waiting to go home. This way, we continue to ensure they feel safe and secure and not anxious or scared. So far, we have seen significant improvement with our kitty friends, they seem to really appreciate the extra touch!
                Secondly, the pups! Now, covering dogs with a towel just didn’t seem like a good idea! Ha! So we have lavender oil to use instead! This can be applied behind the ears, under the chin, or to any area of the body really. The lavender will help calm the dogs and lessen anxiety while waiting to see the doctor. Again, once you arrive at SAH, a staff member will offer some lavender to you and your pup. Fingers crossed, they will feel a little more at home!
                We are very excited to continue to offer these little tricks! We would love to hear you and your pets’ feedback! Feel free to share your thoughts or any of your ideas that you think we should try out. Suggestions are always welcome!
               Until next time!
                     - Murphy Cat