Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween


Did I scare you?! Just trying to get into the Halloween spirit, I am a black cat after all. I’m not much into Halloween and scaring people but, the girls here think it is a great idea to dress me up… Ugh … Let’s just say they are lucky I love them! Meow! Don’t get me wrong, I do love my festive bandannas I get to wear, so make sure you take note if you stop in around Halloween!

Halloween… it certainly is fun but it may not be for your fur baby… I did some research on the AVMA website to see what you folks can do to make sure we all have a good time celebrating this Halloween. You’re welcome…
1.       Pets and candy do NOT mix! Even if it is not chocolate it may contain xylitol (a sugar substitute) which is very harmful for animals.
2.       Be sure your pet has an ID tag or microchip… just in case they decide to slip out the door to join the kids trick-or-treating!
3.       Keep all flames out of our reach! This means jack-o-lanterns too. Come on, we are very curious creatures; we will try to sniff the flame or knock it over!
4.       Costumes… please make sure they fit well and do not hinder your pets’ movement, breathing, sight, hearing etc. Also be mindful of small pieces they could eat.
5.       Keep glow sticks and glow accessories to human use only. We don’t need pets to think these are new chew toys!
6.       If your fur baby is unsure of strangers or is anxious during hectic times, keep them in a separate area of the house where it is quiet and they can feel safe.
7.       Keep pets inside!

Well, there you have it! Hopefully these tips will help keep everyone happy this Halloween. Be sure to share pictures on our Facebook page if your fur babies do join in the festivities. Enjoy!

Until next time,
       -Murphy Cat

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